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The School of Social Sciences is committed to research that makes a contribution to addressing some of the major social, economic and political challenges that face the UK and the world. Our research has shaped policy-making and practice in diverse areas, centring around five key themes: Socio-economic change and innovation; Population change and ageing; Inequality and poverty; Sustainable practices and climate change and Elections, participation and governance. Our specialised research centres allow us to ensure our research is focused and makes a real impact, both within the University and the wider community.

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Announcing The Social Venture Pathway

The Social Venture Pathway offers a toolkit of resources to guide you through the process of creating a social venture. This self-guided pathway aims to fill the gaps missing from traditional innovation processes by providing a clear and comprehensive training resource for starting your first social venture.

Collage as Method

This ‘How-To’ Guide outlines the Collage method used by Dr Amy Barron from the University of Manchester. The artwork was created in collaboration with Maddy Vian, Maddy Vian Illustration.

Methods for Change at the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2022

In this blog the Methods for Change team reflect on two interactive sessions on spatial, qualitative, and mixed methods convened as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2022.

An introduction to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (Innovate UK)

The Methods for Change (M4C) team delivered a session organised by Dr Temidayo Eseonu on Innovate UK funding, in particular, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) that link businesses, academics, and inspiring graduates and post-graduates.

Event: Methods for Change – Social science methodologies for 21st century problems

Join the Methods for Change Team two interactive events on a diversity of social science methods for understanding and addressing 21st century challenges!

Social Science Commercialisation Case Studies

Sharing insights and examples that inspire social science commercialisation.

Methods For Change: Showcasing Innovative Social Science Methodologies

A detailed Final report by the Methods for Change project team.

ABaCuSS Student Reflections

Six students from the Universities of Glasgow and Manchester were placed into intrapreneurship-based placements within companies for 8 weeks, to test working models of intrapreneurship. This is what they found…

ABaCuSS Final Project Report: Programme Overview and Learnings

Sharing ‘good practice’ learnings from the ABaCuSS pilot programme.

Innovation Fellows Project Report

This report provides detailed explanations and findings of Manchester’s pilot.

Ludic Labs

Discover how Ludic Labs is supporting the production of educational games generated by social science research.

LegalTech Deep Dive Project

Exploring collaboration between universities, academincs and law firms.

The Creative Industries ‘Deep Dives’  

An investigation into activities between social science academics and the creative industries in the Northwest of England to highlight a plethora of activity in this area.

Methods for Change: Mapping as Octopus

Here we join Heather Miles, University of Manchester, reflecting On the Creative Methods Zoo question “If your research method were an animal, what would it be?”

Methods for Change: Bumble Bees and Creativities

In this guest blog post Lauren White, an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield, shares her reflections and methodological musings from the Creative Methods Zoo.

Methods for Change: Creative collaborations for sharing postgraduate research

In this article, six postgraduate researchers profiled in the gallery reflect on their experiences of collaborating with Methods for Change creatives to communicate their methods in thought-provoking ways.

Research Method: Biographical Mapping

This ‘how to’ guide outlines the Biographical Mapping research method used by Penny Tinkler and Laura Fenton from the University of Manchester. The image was created in collaboration with More Than Minutes.

Research Method: A Comprehensive Qualitative Approach to Evaluation

Exploring A Comprehensive Qualitative Approach to Evaluation Method, with the Methods for Change project.

Research Method: Walk-along Interviews

Exploring the Walk-along Interviews Method, with the Methods for Change project.

Research Method: Participatory Film Making

Exploring the Participatory Film Making Method, with the Methods for Change project.

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