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The School of Social Sciences is committed to research that makes a contribution to addressing some of the major social, economic and political challenges that face the UK and the world. Our research has shaped policy-making and practice in diverse areas, centring around five key themes: Socio-economic change and innovation; Population change and ageing; Inequality and poverty; Sustainable practices and climate change and Elections, participation and governance. Our specialised research centres allow us to ensure our research is focused and makes a real impact, both within the University and the wider community.

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9 March 2021

Research Method: Follow the Thing

Exploring the Follow the thing research method with the Methods for Change project

4 March 2021

Research Method: Oral Histories and Futures

Exploring Oral Histories and Futures research with the Methods for Change project

2 March 2021

Research Method: Participatory Activist Research

Exploring Participatory Activist Research with the Methods for Change project

18 December 2020

Commercialising social sciences based educational games

University of Manchester’s Gavin Davies gives an overview of this Aspect funded project

17 December 2020

Insights from the Business Engagement Workshop run with Creative Manchester

The event explored the requirements for effective collaboration between academia and the creative industries

16 December 2020

If your research method were an animal, what would it be?

Insights from a recent Methods for Change session which used creative techniques to explore creative methods

7 December 2020

Methods for Change at the ESRC Festival of Social Science

The team reflect on sessions focused on visual, participatory and policy-led methods

10 November 2020

Method in the Spotlight: Change Points

Re-framing resource use policy with practice theories and design methods

27 October 2020

Method in the Spotlight: Object-orientated interviews

A Q&A with cultural and social geographer Dr Jen Owen

26 October 2020

SUCCESS project profile: Enduring Net

Professor Ser-Huang Poon explains how the programme has supported her venture

29 September 2020

Methods for Change team profile: Laura Pottinger

Dr Laura Pottinger tells us about her research using ethnographic and participatory methodologies

24 September 2020

Webinar slides – Combatting misinformation online

Combatting misinformation online: The role and relevance of the social sciences

23 September 2020

Webinar recording: Driving entrepreneurship in the social sciences

A discussion of best practice in driving entrepreneurship

14 September 2020

Methods for Change team profile: Amy Barron

Cultural and Social geographer Dr Amy Barron tells us about her research using arts-based, ethnographic methods

26 August 2020

Methods for Change – showcasing social sciences methodologies

The University of Manchester-based team outline their Aspect-funded project

8 July 2020

SUCCESS workshop by Ruth Daniel, CEO of In Place of War

Practical insights on starting and growing a social enterprise.

8 July 2020

SUCCESS project profile: Keep•It•Human

We spoke to Professor Ricardo Climent about his social enterprise

26 May 2020

The future of social science commercialisation

Why the outlook appears to be so positive for social science commercialisation.

20 May 2020

Opportunities for commercialising social science post COVID-19

We share the key insights from our recent Aspect community survey

14 May 2020

Aspect interviews Manchester’s Tony Walker

We spoke to Tony Walker, Deputy Director of the Masood Enterprise Centre at Alliance Manchester Business School

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