Methods For Change: Showcasing Innovative Social Science Methodologies


30th September 2021

The Methods for Change project seeks to highlight the value of social science methodologies to the wider world. It aims to amplify methodologies developed by social scientists researching pressing societal issues, and to make a case for their wider application beyond academia.


Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels

Methods for Change and The University of Manchester

The final report for the first phase of the Methods four Change project report describes the project, its aims, and the findings generated by the project team and their conclusions.

Latest Resouces

12 October 2021

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map

Interactive map detailing the entrepreneurship offerings at member institutions.

11 October 2021

Aspect Learning Gain Report 2021

Our annual summary of insights and learnings from across the Aspect programme

30 September 2021

An exploratory look at social sciences intrapreneurship

An overview of intrapreneurship; why it’s important and examples of university intrapreneurship.

30 September 2021

Research Commercialisation Toolkits

A selection of tools to support and show the possibilities of research commercialisation.

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