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    We’re dedicated to training opportunities that foster collective growth in SHAPE research innovation

    Aspect training is for professionals, academics, and the public, united in our mission to share experiences, ideas, strategies, and learnings

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    • Our training sessions are designed to empower university staff in SHAPE research commercialisation, enriching their skills to fortify and expand institutional ecosystems. Complementing these sessions are resources available on the Aspect Members’ Platform, ranging from templates to “Train-the-Trainer” toolkits, and knowledge shares from fellow members

    • We’re committed to delivering collective insights from our membership to assist academics in amplifying the impact of their research. With tailored training sessions and self-learning courses on the Aspect Members Platform, covering diverse subjects from expanding social media networks to establishing social ventures, there’s something for every researcher, from the inquisitive learner to the ambitious entrepreneur

      Are you ready to take your idea to the next level? Then the Aspect Research Commercialisation (ARC) Accelerator could be the route for you

    • Whether you’re an investor, consultant, public body, or visionary, SHAPE presents an exciting frontier to explore. Ventures emerging from university pipelines are reshaping concepts of impact investment, corporate social responsibility, ESG frameworks, and more. Join us in this dynamic landscape

    • We’re pioneering the recognition of roles and activities within SHAPE through Aspect Smart Badges. These blockchain-based micro-credentials validate completion of Aspect training and participation in our and our members’ activities, providing tangible proof of acquired skills and knowledge for career advancement


    Recognising the demands of busy schedules and global time zones, we offer online training materials for Aspect Members to access at their convenience. Developed collaboratively to empower academics and professional support staff, our suite of resources includes pathways like The Social Venture Pathway, helping academics launch their own social ventures; the Games Development Pathway, offering insights from industry and academic professionals of converting research into both tabletop and digital video games, and Building on ABC developed by Aspect Members the University of Oxford, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, York University, and Durham University providing a comprehensive knowledge exchange training programme.  We also collaborate with a number of external organisations to share their learnings, with courses on embedding sustainability, legal structures for ventures and tools for effective project communication and marketing


    Since our inception, we’ve championed experimentation and collaborative learning to foster SHAPE ventures’ growth. Uniquely, our network is built by members, ensuring that our collective knowledge is shared and utilised for the benefit of all. Our upcoming training sessions cover topics such as the nuances of licensing, consultancy, and contract research; strategies to promote research, identify collaborators, and enhancing scholarly impact on LinkedIn, and approaches to structuring CPD programmes, leveraging research outcomes, and engaging partners effectively, all designed to enhance skills and impact. These training sessions are held online with time commitments from four hours to 10 depending on the course. As with all of our training, participants will be issued with micro-credentials via our Smart Badges upon completion to attest to the knowledge and skills gained


    Watch, Listen, Read

    Since 2018, our members have been actively collaborating on the development of resources and materials derived from the Aspect Testbed projects

    These initiatives provide valuable insights, tools, and resources to navigate the dynamic SHAPE ecosystem, empowering individuals and organisations to maximise positive impact from SHAPE research

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    Research Method: Biographical Mapping

    This ‘how to’ guide outlines the Biographical Mapping research method used by Penny Tinkler and Laura Fenton from the University of Manchester. The image was created in collaboration with More Than Minutes.

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    Aspect Festival21 Webinars

    Take a look at the Aspect Festival21 via webinars for both days.

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    Funding Challenges for SocSci Business Engagement

    A discussion about the challenges related to the funding for social science business engagement.

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    Podcast: Inside the Founders Mind

    An 6-part podcast exploring the entrepreneurial mindset and key traits such as resilience, stamina and facing failure.

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    Introducing Social Shifters

    A Q&A session from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Community of Practice.

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    Research Method: A Comprehensive Qualitative Approach to Evaluation

    Exploring A Comprehensive Qualitative Approach to Evaluation Method, with the Methods for Change project.

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    Research Method: Walk-along Interviews

    Exploring the Walk-along Interviews Method, with the Methods for Change project.

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    Research Method: Participatory Film Making

    Exploring the Participatory Film Making Method, with the Methods for Change project.

    Learn more

    ASAP: Learnings from Joint University Social Sciences Accelerator

    How to help impact-driven
    founders change the world
    for the better

    Learn more

    ARC Project profile: Teacher Selection Project

    Robert Klassen provides an overview of his venture the Teacher Selection Project.

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    ARC Project profile: EQUAL-Futures

    Roberta Guerrina provides an overview of her venture EQUAL-Futures.

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    Research Method: A Place-based Case Study Approach

    Exploring the A Place-based Case Study Approach Method, with the Methods for Change project.

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    Reflecting on the Methods for Change Showcase Event

    Exploring the importance and opportunities for social science methods to create change.

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    Research Method: The Change Points Toolkit

    Exploring the The Change Points Toolkit, with the Methods for Change project.

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    ASAP Club Digital Toolkit and Mini-Project

    The ASAP Club aspires to establish a digital support structure.

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    Research Method: Life Mapping

    Exploring the Life Mapping Method, with the Methods for Change project.

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    ARC Project profile: Age of Love

    Sharron Hinchliff provides an overview of her venture Age of Love.

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    Research Method: Visual Organisational Ethnography

    Exploring the Visual Organisational Ethnography Method, with the Methods for Change project.

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    The Aspect toolkit captures the lessons learned during Aspect’s first three years, disseminating shared knowledge and providing practical guidance that other institutions can use for inspiration in their own activities

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