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Cardiff University is home to a large and wide-ranging social science community. Specifically, we have more than 788 academics working in the social sciences at Cardiff, and currently host 268 social science PhD students. Two-thirds of the academics schools have received ESRC funding over the last five years. This is testimony to the extent to which social sciences are embedded across the university, and to the interdisciplinary nature of social sciences research at Cardiff University.

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Aspect Translational Impact Accelerator Hub: SHAPE Pre-Accelerator Showcase

Join in with a day of interactive, in-person, showcases and workshops with ASPECT’s Translational Impact Accelerator Hub and Cardiff University!

ARC Project profile: MFL Student Mentoring

Lucy Jenkins provides an overview of her venture the MFL Student Mentoring project.

Methods for Change: Project update March 2021

The Methods for Change team reflect on key lessons and challenges faced in their project so far

Research Method: Systems Origami

Exploring the Systems Origami research method with the Methods for Change project.

Research Method: Object-oriented Interviews

Exploring the object-oriented Interviews research method with the Methods for Change project.

Support for social science commercialisation within Cardiff University

This discussion explores, and aims to help academics navigate, the commercialisation landscape

Introducing the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations

We learn more about CAST, a hub for understanding the social science of climate action

Interview with Paul Harrod and Sally Good, Evidence to Impact

Exploring the social enterprise route to commercialisation

Sustainable and just food systems vitally important during COVID-19

Experts from Cardiff University outline the key issues at stake

Method in the Spotlight: Object-orientated interviews

A Q&A with cultural and social geographer Dr Jen Owen

Webinar recording: Reducing resource use

Reducing resource use through shared access to consumer goods: Barriers and motivations

Webinar recording: Building a Social Science Research Park

Building a Social Science Research Park: A value-based approach to working with external organisations

Webinar recording: Sustainable and just food system futures

How we can scale sustainable and just food futures and the role of cooperative economies

Webinar recording: Social Science Commercialisation 101

Sharing knowledge, evidence and expertise in KEC for social science research.

ASSIST: A stop smoking in schools trial

A peer-to-peer programme tackling smoking uptake in UK schools.

Reflecting post-devolution politics in broadcasting

Research investigating the quality of news coverage provided by the BBC.

Measuring the impact of tourism in Wales

Developing tools and models to measure the economic impact of tourism.

Fairer compensation for personal injury accidents

Towards a fairer means of compensation for personal injury victims.

Improving the response to victims of violence

A series of research projects contributing to changes in the services afforded to victims.

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