Webinar recording: Reducing resource use


26th October 2020

Part of the Aspect Annual Event 2020 webinar series, this session – Reducing resource use through shared access to consumer goods: Barriers and motivations, which took place on the 22nd October – explored the subconscious barriers to nudging behaviour change, the consequences of consumption, alternative consumption models and recommendations in this area for businesses, organisations, and policy makers.

You can find the full recording of the webinar, and other resources from the session, below.

Annual Event 2020, Business Engagement, Cardiff University, Event Report, The Economy and Video

Webinar recording

Panel members

  • Dr Nicole Koenig-Lewis – Reader (Associate Professor) in Marketing at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
  • Dr Carmela Bosangit – Lecturer in Marketing at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University
  • Eve Kekeh – Founder, Bundlee
  • Chris Hellawell – Founder & Director, Edinburgh Tool Library

Slide deck

Session summary infographic

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