Research Commercialisation Workshop & Toolkit Series

• Phase 1

Aspect’s Research Commercialisation Community of Practice (RC CoP) seeks to support Innovation and knowledge exchange teams to share best practice, find opportunities for shared activities and identify and test new and experimental models for commercialising social sciences research.

The network of institutions in the Aspect network has demonstrated potential significant demand for social science commercialisation both amongst the academic community as well as the knowledge exchange professional services community. However, this demand is still nascent and requires support mechanisms, toolkits and resources to both the academic and university professional services communities.

To address the practical challenges, the Research Commercialisation Community of Practice within Aspect co-developed 4 workshops to draw out key strengths amongst the participating institutions whilst also relying on specific expert input to inform and elevate understanding of each key chosen issue.

As can be seen below, each workshop had a suite of outputs developing the framework of toolkit resources and training, enabling the workshop series to be accessed by as many members of the Knowledge Exchange Community as possible.


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20 May 2020

Opportunities for commercialising social science post COVID-19

We share the key insights from our recent Aspect community survey

14 May 2020

SUCCESS project profile: Trade Policy Hub

We caught up with Dr Elitsa Garnizova, Lead at the Trade Policy Hub at The London School of Economics and Political Science.

14 May 2020

Aspect interviews Manchester’s Tony Walker

We spoke to Tony Walker, Deputy Director of the Masood Enterprise Centre at Alliance Manchester Business School

1 May 2020

SUCCESS project profile: go_girl code+create

We caught up with Ashmita Randhawa to find out more about her and her project and what she hopes to get out of the programme.

29 April 2020

How to get noticed – Day 3 of the SUCCESS Bootcamp

Dr Morven Fraser-Walther, Aspect Programme Coordinator at the University of Glasgow, reflects on Day 3 of the SUCCESS Bootcamp.

28 April 2020

Social science is critical to unlocking the potential of digitalisation

The social sciences have a crucial role to play in enabling us to adapt and thrive the era of digitalisation.

16 April 2020

Entrepreneurial Challenges – Day 2 of the SUCCESS Bootcamp

Dr Sam Gallagher, Principal Consultant at Oxentia, reflects on day 2 of the SUCCESS bootcamp

6 April 2020

The Grand Depart – Day 1 of the SUCCESS Bootcamp

Chris Fellingham, SUCCESS Programme Lead, reflects on day 1 of the SUCCESS bootcamp

28 February 2020

Interview with The Rt Hon. Lord David Willetts

Lord Willetts was the Minister for Universities and Science from 2010 until 2014.

28 February 2020

Dispatches from the Innovation Office: LSE

Five things we’ve learned commercialising social sciences research

20 November 2019

sOPHIa: Helping businesses end poverty

Providing businesses with tools to measure and respond to poverty

13 November 2019

Marriage Law Board Game

A board game to help the public negotiate the complex legal world of marriage.

13 November 2019

Improving the labour market for low-paid workers

Informing government policy on issues relating to the National Minimum Wage.

13 November 2019

Weather Roulette

Improving weather forecasts to avert disruptions, damage and disaster.

12 November 2019

Multi-criteria Mapping

An interactive, multicriteria appraisal method for exploring contrasting perspectives.

11 November 2019

Improving fire prevention through big data

Using big data analysis to better understand changing household risk behaviour.

25 October 2019

Business Boost Working in Partnership Residential

Addressing social science challenges and supporting deeper engagement with industry through training and collaboration.

10 October 2019

Research Ventures in Social Science Workshop

A Bootcamp to build entrepreneurial skills for social sciences PhDs and ECRS

3 October 2019

Ketso Toolkit

A hands-on toolkit to engage groups in idea generation and planning.

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