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The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law offers over 40 single and joint honours undergraduate degree courses and more than 70 postgraduate programmes, providing high quality teaching in a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. We host twelve faculty research groups and six interdisciplinary research institutes, designed to foster and promote innovative research, and cultivate a collaborative inter-school, interdisciplinary ethos. Our academics are internationally recognised leaders in their fields, producing world-class research addressing the most important concerns of society.

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The University of Bristol – Translational Impact Hub

In 2022, the University of Bristol developed and created a Translational Impact Hub that supports academics accelerating their research impact.

SHAPE Pre-Accelerator 2023

The SHAPE Pre-Accelerator is an online programme that supports researchers from the Social Sciences, Humanities
and the Arts explore routes to generating sustainable impact at scale.

The University of Bristol are offering free training sessions!

The University of Bristol are offering free training sessions run online to support academics to understand the potential impact of their research and supporting them with how to get there.

How is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion translated into business engagement practice?

Exploring how CoP members are addressing issues of equality, diversity and inclusion.

FinTech Deep Dive Resources

Videos and a guide exploring good practice in engagement between academics, universities FinTech organisations

Ludic Labs

Discover how Ludic Labs is supporting the production of educational games generated by social science research.

Funding Challenges for SocSci Business Engagement

A discussion about the challenges related to the funding for social science business engagement.

ARC Project profile: EQUAL-Futures

Roberta Guerrina provides an overview of her venture EQUAL-Futures.

Research Method: A Place-based Case Study Approach

Exploring the A Place-based Case Study Approach Method, with the Methods for Change project.

Creating a user-centric pathway for entrepreneurial support

A Q&A session from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Community of Practice.

What’s different about social science entrepreneurship?

A Q&A session from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

Innovating revenue generation to sustain university entrepreneurship hubs

A knowledge sharing session from the Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

Webinar recording: How can social scientists engage business?

Exploring the top three success factors for effective engagement

Webinar recording: Effective university-business engagement

FinTech: A good practice example of effective university-business engagement

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