SUCCESS workshop on social technology


1st June 2020

On the 30th April, our Success Programme benefitted from a fascinating workshop on social technology.

Anne Radl and Kathy Marcham from the Social Tech Trust talked about the work they do in terms of nurturing and investing in tech ventures with a mission to improve society. Tiernan Mines of Hello Lamp Post – an innovative social tech enterprise – then talked about his journey so far and the support he’s received to guide the development of his venture.

Here we share some key snippets from the session.

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Creating deep and lasting impact

Social Tech Trust’s Anne Radl outlined the grant criteria that they use – based on their research ‘The Triple Helix of Social Innovation’ – which are focused on the three forms of value that every social enterprise needs to create to be successful (Anne references the work of Progressively). She also outlined the Social Tech Trust’s version of a lean canvas, to help ventures balance creating financial and social value in order to achieve a holistic solution.  

Impact measurement

Anne then spoke about the Social Tech Trust’s work in the area of impact measurement, where they focus on helping ventures express the impact that they have. She cited ‘Creating your Theory of Change’ as a way of understanding, articulating and testing what impact you want to have and how to get there.

Aligning profits with purpose

Hello Lamp Post’s Tiernan Mines spoke about the importance of making sure purpose remains high on the agenda and aligns with profits, to achieve longevity – not only with regards to the overall impact of a venture, but also in terms of attracting customers, talent and investors.  

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