Ecosystem Audit Outputs


24th September 2021

The ecosystem project set out to identify and ‘map’ the entrepreneurship offerings at member institutions.


Photo by LED Supermarket from Pexels

Ent Ecosystem Audit, Ent Ecosystem Mapping and Entrepreneurship

This page lists the resources and outputs from the project…

You may also find these resources of interest:

  • Offerings Comparison Matrix (accessible to Aspect members only) This detailed spreadsheet details out the existing offerings at each member institution. This can be used by members to compare their offerings to those of peer institutions. As a next, it could also be used to complete a gap analysis across Aspect, and consider where universities may wish to supplement their offerings based on best practice elsewhere.
  • LSE’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Offerings (Digital Flyer)Using the information gathered in this mapping project, the LSE team created a ‘digital flyer’ that they can use to showcase their offerings to student entrepreneurs. The flyer was created as one example of how members can use and apply their own ecosystem audit data.

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