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Social sciences at York is closely aligned to seven research themes, and geared towards strong impacts in both policy and practice. Our work builds upon sustained relationships with local and national government, and strong links with international agencies (WHO, UNICEF Gates Foundation, etc). Work in the Global South has had particular impact with regard to health inequalities, and education for the disadvantaged. Our focus is upon evaluative and evidenced based methodologies, often based on new interdisciplinary approaches that allow for the measurement and evaluation of complex settings.

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SHAPE Pre-Accelerator 2023

The SHAPE Pre-Accelerator is an online programme that supports researchers from the Social Sciences, Humanities
and the Arts explore routes to generating sustainable impact at scale.

The Creative Industries ‘Deep Dives’  

An investigation into activities between social science academics and the creative industries in the Northwest of England to highlight a plethora of activity in this area.

The Ideas Box: Making Enterprise, Engagement & Impact Everyone’s Business

The Business Engagement COP, led by The University of York, has produced a range of materials exploring barriers and opportunities.

ARC Project profile: Teacher Selection Project

Robert Klassen provides an overview of his venture the Teacher Selection Project.

Research Method: Visual Organisational Ethnography

Exploring the Visual Organisational Ethnography Method, with the Methods for Change project.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping: Case studies

Case studies from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping funded project.

Research Method: Graphic Interviews

Exploring the graphic interviews: graphic elicitation and sketch reportage research method.

Webinar recording: The crucial role of SMEs

Could small and medium size businesses be the key to sustaining the economy and our communities?

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