What is the project doing?

This project will explore how systems underpinning academic career progression can be better aligned to support meaningful engagement with Entrepreneurship & Innovation. It will: examine the current state of play with Aspect partners in terms of recognition, reward and workload allocation; co-create solutions; and will provide recommendations for developing and implementing an enterprise pathway(s).

Why is this needed?

Completing research and preparing findings for dissemination. Working on follow-on project

How can members get involved?

The project received Phase 3 funding from Aspect and will share in the session how members can get involved, including: Interviews with senior stakeholders; Survey of academic staff (in preparation); Focus group with SHAPE researchers (in preparation).


Paul Robert, Lead Researcher, University of Sussex

Prof Norbert Morawetz, Henley Business School, University of Reading


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24 July 2023

Survey: How can we drive innovation

We are excited to announce the launch of a survey asking academics to reflect on how their role is changing. 

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