Apple – Academic Promotion Pathways linked to Enterprise

•• Phase 2


Aspect Members: University of Reading (Henley Business School), Cardiff University, University of Glasgow, The University of Manchester, University of Sussex, University of York, University of Durham, University of Exeter, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Teesside University.  

What was the project doing?

This project aimed to explore how systems underpinning academic career progression could be better aligned to support meaningful engagement with E&I. It examined the current state of play with ASPECT partners in terms of recognition, reward, and workload allocation and co-created solutions. These were presented in a project report and position paper for senior stakeholders at network universities, as well as resources for ASPECT partners. In addition, the project developed recommendations for developing and implementing an enterprise pathway(s).

Why was this needed?

A perceived lack of engagement from academics had been identified as one of the foremost reasons for comparatively low levels of entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I) relating to commercialization in the social sciences (Aspect Learning Gain Report, 2021). This project aimed to address this issue through systemic change.

How could members get involved?

While the University of Reading and the University of Sussex led the work packages, the other named partners actively contributed, including direct participation, provision of feedback, and co-creating solutions. The project was designed to benefit all Aspect members and offered opportunities to participate in all work packages, which had consultation built in.

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