Webinar recording: The case for working in start-ups


22nd October 2020

Part of the Aspect Annual Event 2020 webinar series, this session – Early career social scientists: The case for working in start-ups, which took place on the 21st October – focused on the ways in which social science research skills are relevant and valuable to start-ups, with reflections from social scientists playing prominent roles in start-ups, and discussion about the transition from academia to industry, with a particular focus on guidance for early career researchers.

You can find the full recording of the webinar below.

Annual Event 2020, Business Engagement, Event Report, Video and Zinc

Webinar recording

Panel members

  • Rachel Carey (Chair) – Chief Scientist, Zinc
  • Anja Maerz – Lead User Researcher at Babylon Health
  • Andre Richter – Senior Data Scientist at Just Eat
  • Anna Hushlak – Chief Product Officer at Ferly
  • John Blythe – Head of Behavioural Science at Cybsafe

Session highlights video

Session summary infographic

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