Webinar recording: Building back better


28th October 2020

Part of the Aspect Annual Event 2020 webinar series, this session – Building back better: Bridging the gaps in the green economy, which took place on the 27th October – explored whether the impact of COVID-19 on the transition to a green economy cause it to accelerate or stall. We heard from some innovative social scientists as well as people from industry who are looking at creating new organisations that bridge key gaps in the economic and financial structures needed to build back better.

You can find the full recording of the webinar, and other resources from the session, below.

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Webinar recording

Panel members

  • Horatio Mortimer (Chair) – Business Innovation Manager, LSE
  • Michal Nachmany – Policy Fellow, Grantham Research Institute, LSE
  • Nick Robins – Professor in Practice, Grantham Research Institute, LSE
  • Adam Parr – Businessman and former chairman and chief executive of the Williams Formula One team

Session summary infographic

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Links to sources referenced during the session:

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