Webinar recording: Training researchers to become consultants


8th October 2020

Part of the Aspect Annual Event 2020 webinar series, this session – How to train social science researchers to become consultants, which took place on the 8th October – focused on The University of Sussex’s programme which aims to upskill academics with no or limited consultancy experience to develop their careers as consultants.

You can find the full recording of the webinar, and other resources from the session, below.

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Webinar recording

Panel members

  • Dr Tim Pascoe (Chair) – Director, CICUK and Director, DICE Consortium
  • Andre Mostert – Social Sciences Business Partnership Manager & Aspect Broker, University of Sussex
  • Dr Manjari Khanna Kapoor – President, Association for Building Security, India
  • Professor Altaf Samo – Entrepreneurship Teacher Fellow, MIT
  • Dr Tim Strickland – Consultant CEO, FE Sussex
  • Mark Fisher – Senior Lecturer in Accounting, University of Sussex


Session summary infographic

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