Aspect Student Accelerator Programme (ASAP) – 2020 Cohort

26th October 2020

Funded Project:
Aspect Student Accelerator Programme (ASAP)

The 2020 ASAP cohort consists of 19 start-ups from Aspect partner universities, all working towards solving pressing socio-economic and environmental issues – all participants are contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, either through the socially-responsible running of the business (data ethics/transparency of the supply chain/gender parity) and/or the measurable social/environmental impact created through the business idea.


Bridging the access gap in the tech sector

Arkisites is dedicated to bridging the access gap between minority ethnic groups, young people and the tech sector. In an increasingly technology-centric world, Arkisites are working to create opportunities for young people to develop confidence and learn the skills they need for future employment in the digital tech sector.

Elijah Ajuwon (Director)


Creating impact through Architectural Design

CAUKIN Studio is an organisation founded on the premise that everybody should have access to better designed and built spaces. They work with communities, NGOs, corporate clients and skilled professionals, to deliver projects that create social, environmental and economic impacts. Throughout the process they involve local workers and young practitioners to enhance knowledge sharing and drive social change.

Harry Thorpe (Director)
Joshua Peasley (Director)


AI Impact Sourcing social venture

DignifAI is an Impact Sourcing Service Provider that offers data annotation services to organizations developing Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Machine-Learning softwares. The Social backbone of DignifAI is the recruitment, training, and distribution of tasks to the migrant population and their vulnerable host communities in the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

Enrique Jose Garcia (Managing Partner) Laura Oller
(Co-Founder and Impact Chairwoman)

I Speak Mental Health

Teaching the universal language of mental health

I Speak Mental Health is working on teaching students the language of mental health, so that they can help themselves while also helping others. For this, ISMH is working on improving the accessibility of mental health support through their interactive mental health kit. The kit enables users to easily engage and is modelled on tried and tested psychological interventions used in therapy.

Ana Isabel Bacallado Almandoz
(Operations manager and Co-founder)
Alejandro Serrano Saunders
(Co-founder and Director)


Revolutionising sanitation whilst tackling energy poverty

The Induction Heating Toilet generates electricity from defecate & urine, aiming to tackle sanitation and energy poverty in developing countries, affecting two billion people worldwide. Their vision is to build a world where there is equitable access to sanitation and electricity.

Abdul Azam Rajper (CEO/Co-Founder) Mahmoud Shehab (COO/Co-Founder)

Impagro Farming Solutions

Building a sustainable village level agricultural supply chain in India

Impagro Farming Solutions work with Village-level Entrepreneurs in India to build first-mile agricultural supply chains that improve the livelihoods of rural communities in an environmentally sustainable way. Impagro’s model is built around farm-level cold chain and renewable energy infrastructure, as well as partnerships with ecosystem partners that support sustainable farming practices.

Suhrid Patel
Akbar Sher Khan


Reducing food waste in the catering sector

KnoWaste aims to reduce food waste in University catered halls, and the wider catering sector. Users are able to pre-order their meals from the app using a menu which clearly visualises the carbon and water costs of each meal. The service educates students on the environmental costs of their food, encouraging the selection of low-waste meals through gamification and incentivisation

Kesta Kemp
(Creative Director)
Sophie Elliott
(Product Director)

League of Fitness

Bringing competitiveness as a tool for fighting obesity

League of Fitness is an innovative online competition for promoting fitness and well being. Through team or individually based points systems, participants can secure points by increasing their levels of exercise, eating a healthy diet or other well being activities. Each league can customise it’s own categories and scoring system.

Joseph Hughes
(CEO – Founder)


Psycho-Educational Development Platform for K-12 Children

LevelUp is a centralised educational platform that enhances the academic and personal development of K-12 students through data-driven engagement of all three educational stakeholders: students, parents and teachers. Integrating insights from psychometric profiling, AI and Machine-Learning, the Adaptive Learning Algorithm mirrors the intuition of expert educators as well as taking into account the individual learning profile of each child.

Daniel Gordon Hall Russell Indradjaja


Poland’s first teen care platform

Mimmi is Poland’s first teen care product subscription service. They provide a subscription service offering sanitary products for adolescent girls in Poland; every time a product is purchased in Poland, a girl in Africa will also receive one at no cost to her. Moreover, we have an educational platform with videos on menstruation created by girls for girls.

Aneta Pavliukevic
(Co-Founder, CEO) Farzana Zainal Abidin (Design Engineer)

Modest Trends

Ethical modest fashion for today’s muslim women

Modest Trends is an online platform that meets the demands of fashion-conscious women. Adapting high street looks to meet the diverse and growing need for modest fashion, the brand prides itself on being inclusive and diverse. Ethical sourcing and community contribution is the foundation of Modest Trends.

Rifhat Qureshi (Director/ Founder)


Personalised and practical neurorehabilitation

Neumind are developing a contextual prompting smartphone app to help people with neurological conditions and injuries improve their memory, executive functioning and independence. By using strategies from neuroscience and CBT, the individual and caregivers, whether friends, family or carers, can all contribute to the therapy, regardless of their experience or expertise.

Ellis Parry (CEO) Rufus Russell (CTO)

Open Source Policy

Open Source Policy helps people achieve change in the healthcare system, keeping patients safer and reducing inequality, while saving time and money for the NHS. We understand people’s experiences to develop proposals for change, testing our ideas through pilots run in partnership with healthcare providers, before offering policymakers evidence-backed recommendations.

Genevieve Ryan
(NHS Partnerships Manager)
Ash Ryan

Red Kite

Making travel booking more sustainable

Red Kite is a next generation online travel booking platform with a mission to bring sustainable travel to the mainstream and make a positive social & environmental impact. The app provides a technologically advanced holistic user experience whilst clearly identifying the the social impact for destinations

Amr Moustafa
Dinara Izmaylova (CPO)


Creates women’s urinals to improve queue efficiency

SATIS is the first stand-alone, women’s urinal in the UK. SATIS’ modular design is 6 times more space saving in transport and 6 times more efficient compared to a standard lockable toilet. These qualities give it the potential to dominate many markets including the festival sector as well as helping social impact initiatives within humanitarian aid.

Amber Probyn
(Co-Founder and Co-CEO)
Hazel McShane
(Co-Founder and Co-CEO)

Tatu nurse

Boosting the efficiency of nurses in developing countries

Many countries face a critical shortage of nurses. As a result, the quality of bedside monitoring is inadequate, patients deteriorate or even die. Nurses are burnt out and suffer stress. Tatu nurse is a social enterprise that empowers nurses to be more productive so they can save more lives.

Samuel Mugisha (Managing director) Irene Magara (Research Assistant)


Supporting migrants on their journey to financial freedom

TAYO offers simple, rewarding, financial education and management tools for migrant workers – through our TAYO mobile app and online community. Unlike other financial services, our tools are made for migrants, designed to address their needs, speak their language, and meet them where they are. TAYO is helping migrants break out of the cycles of debt and financial vulnerability.

Nathania Aritao (Founder)


Improving sexual health interventions in schools

TxC are working to reduce the poverty cycle caused by unwanted teenage pregnancy through delivering Sexual and Reproductive Health Intervention at schools with the use of Artificial Intelligence. TxC are breaking down cultural barriers to access these sexual and reproductive rights via a behavioral economics intervention with the whole academic community. In combination with this they are improving access to counselling, contraception and other essentials.

Sebastian Jaramillo (Social Innovation Director)


An employee childcare benefit designed to attract and retain talent

YellowNest is an employee childcare benefit designed to attract and retain talent. Their new approach to early child development provides businesses with a tailored high-quality childcare solution for their employees. This increases employee wellbeing, enhances culture, and ultimately improves staff retention rates, offering tangible savings for both employers and working parents.

Kannan Ganga (CEO) Dave Munting (CFO)

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