Aspect members: University of Manchester, Cardiff University, University of York. 

What is the project doing? 

The project has the following objectives: 

  • Expand and Test: Build on learnings from phase 1 of the Creative Industries (CI) Deep Dive through expanding the ‘deep dive’ to a new region and to a new Aspect member (Cardiff University). This will test the transferability of phase 1 outcomes, building towards a nationally applicable framework for SHAPE business engagement and commercialisation for the CIs. 
  • Develop Framework: Run workshops to explore and develop a framework for social science-CI engagement and commercialisation. This would enable us firstly to disseminate headline findings from phase 1, and secondly to determine what social science researchers, CCI organisations, and PGRs/PGTs need from a BE framework. 
    Implement Framework: This will include workshops across the three HEI partners. The constituency for the implementation workshops would include Business Engagement staff, interested social science researchers, & CI companies. 
  • Collaborative Phase 1 Dissemination:  The team will present from our phase 1 research at conferences. This might involve collaboration with NCACE (National Centre for Cultural and Academic Exchange) and other external partners, increasing academic engagement by disseminating outcomes from our existing pilot projects. The team will also prepare a paper for submission to appropriate academic journals.  

Why is this needed? 

The project will build upon and test the findings of Phase 1 of the Creative Industries BE Deep Dive that was ran in 2021 and will work to develop a framework to address the challenges facing CI BE identified in the Phase 1 deep dive. 

How can members get involved? 

The full Aspect member network will be invited to participate in the workshops hosted as part of the Phase 2 project. They can attend three workshops online (or in person) to explore and develop a framework for Social Sciences-Cultural Institution engagement and commercialisation. 

The full Aspect member network will be invited to participate in the collaborative phase of the project, whereby they can attend and participate in events which share the results of Phase 2. 

For further information please contact Alex Riley (