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20th November 2019

The University of Oxford

Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)


sOPHIa is a multidimensional poverty-fighting method created by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) to help businesses tackle poverty.


Development studies, Health and wellbeing, Social enterprise and The University of Oxford


Based on the Alkire Foster method, sOPHIa uses a multidimensional poverty survey approach that aligns with national measures facilitating coordination with government efforts to end poverty. The approach enables companies to see what issues need tackling, how to prioritise a response and redirect resources for better impact and verify change in people’s lives. Both the National MPI and the business MPI use the same indicators of poverty, facilitating public-private partnerships.

sOPHIa’s goal is to provide businesses with tools to measure and respond to poverty amongst their employees and their families, contractors, and in their supply chain. In addition, sOPHIa plans to offer companies the ability to be audited to verify that they have met standards in implementing the bMPI and programs to impact the poverty of employees. Companies meeting the standards will receive a seal to demonstrate their commitment to ending poverty.

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