Webinar recording: Creating ventures during COVID-19


23rd September 2020

Part of the Aspect Annual Event 2020 webinar series, this session – which took place on the 22nd September – explored the experiences of 3 different organisations with regards to creating ventures during COVID-19; how they managed the challenges and opportunities, and what will change as we look to 2021.

You can find the full recording of the session and other insights from the webinar below.

Annual Event 2020, Event Report, The University of Oxford and Video

Webinar recording

Panel members

  • Chris Fellingham – Head of the Aspect SUCCESS Programme and Licensing and Ventures Manager at Oxford University Innovation
  • Nelly Lavielle – Partner, Bethnal Green Ventures
  • LJ Silverman – Head of LSE Generate, LSE Research & Innovation, LSE
  • Kate Parkinson – Co-Founder, Head Set

Session summary infographic

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