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17 March 2021

Research Method: Participatory Mapping

Exploring the participatory mapping research method with the Methods for Change project.

11 March 2021

What’s different about social science entrepreneurship?

A Q&A session from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

11 March 2021

Research Method: Photo Go-alongs

Exploring the Photo go-alongs research method with the Methods for Change project.

9 March 2021

Research Method: Follow the Thing

Exploring the Follow the thing research method with the Methods for Change project

4 March 2021

Research Method: Oral Histories and Futures

Exploring Oral Histories and Futures research with the Methods for Change project

2 March 2021

Research Method: Participatory Activist Research

Exploring Participatory Activist Research with the Methods for Change project

1 March 2021

Profit with purpose: The ASAP Impact Report

Highlights the key results and programme activities from the inaugural ASAP cohort.

25 February 2021

Webinar: Measuring the success of social science commercialisation

A panel of leading voices in social science commercialisation explore how its success can be measured.

26 January 2021

Tackling taboos through research in ventures

Supporting start-ups working on taboo topics, in ageing and wider aspects of health.

24 January 2021

The Language of Entrepreneurship

A Q&A Session from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

24 January 2021

Innovating revenue generation to sustain university entrepreneurship hubs

A knowledge sharing session from the Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

21 January 2021

Catalysing Innovation Funding for Healthy Ageing

An event report from Tim Shakespeare, Research and Innovation Design Manager at Zinc.

21 December 2020

A bright new world of social science ventures

Chris Fellingham reflects on the inaugural SUCCESS cohort and looks ahead to the new ARC Accelerator

18 December 2020

2020 SUCCESS cohort profiles

Profiles of the 12 projects that took part in our inaugural cohort

18 December 2020

Commercialising social sciences based educational games

University of Manchester’s Gavin Davies gives an overview of this Aspect funded project

17 December 2020

Insights from the Business Engagement Workshop run with Creative Manchester

The event explored the requirements for effective collaboration between academia and the creative industries

17 December 2020

Invitation for social scientists to apply ideas for later life innovation

Q&A with UKRI’s Huw Vasey on the Healthy Ageing Catalyst Awards, run in partnership with Zinc

16 December 2020

If your research method were an animal, what would it be?

Insights from a recent Methods for Change session which used creative techniques to explore creative methods

11 December 2020

Bringing startups and social science together for later life innovation

Tim Shakespeare highlights the key points from Zinc’s new report on innovation and healthy ageing

8 December 2020

Meet the Aspect Student Accelerator Programme (ASAP) Mentors

Connecting founders in the accelerator cohort with experts in the startup space

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