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7 November 2022

Event: Methods for Change – Social science methodologies for 21st century problems

Join the Methods for Change Team two interactive events on a diversity of social science methods for understanding and addressing 21st century challenges!

12 October 2021

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map

Interactive map detailing the entrepreneurship offerings at member institutions.

11 October 2021

Aspect Learning Gain Report 2021

Our annual summary of insights and learnings from across the Aspect programme

30 September 2021

An exploratory look at social sciences intrapreneurship

An overview of intrapreneurship; why it’s important and examples of university intrapreneurship.

30 September 2021

Research Commercialisation Toolkits

A selection of tools to support and show the possibilities of research commercialisation.

30 September 2021

Introducing ASAP Club…

Many students have innovative ideas that would benefit from further guidance and support, whether they end up building ventures or not. Continuing to extend support to an already actively interested group is an efficient avenue for stimulating and growing the social science innovation pipeline. 

30 September 2021

Social Science Commercialisation Case Studies

Sharing insights and examples that inspire social science commercialisation.

30 September 2021

Methods For Change: Showcasing Innovative Social Science Methodologies

A detailed Final report by the Methods for Change project team.

30 September 2021

Case study template for Comms and KE COP

Template of questions to help create case studies for comma and KE

30 September 2021

ABaCuSS Student Reflections

Six students from the Universities of Glasgow and Manchester were placed into intrapreneurship-based placements within companies for 8 weeks, to test working models of intrapreneurship. This is what they found…

30 September 2021

ABaCuSS Final Project Report: Programme Overview and Learnings

Sharing ‘good practice’ learnings from the ABaCuSS pilot programme.

27 September 2021

A look back at the challenges faced in engaging and supporting social science entrepreneurship

One of the key challenges discussed among Aspect Entrepreneurship CoP members concerns the language around entrepreneurship. Are the ways in which entrepreneurship has been communicated relevant to some social sciences disciplines?

27 September 2021

Aspect: Stimulating the pipeline workshop report

A report sharing outputs from a workshop series on stimulating the pipeline for social science research commercialisation.

27 September 2021

Zinc Case Studies

Case studies demonstrating some of the partnerships between Zinc ventures and universities.

27 September 2021

Innovation Fellows Project Report

This report provides detailed explanations and findings of Manchester’s pilot.

27 September 2021

Creative Challenge Series Event Report

Summary of the event, sharing lessons and guidance on how to run similar events.

24 September 2021

Ecosystem Audit Outputs

Drawing on the wealth of entrepreneurial activities and opportunities that exist across the Aspect network.

23 September 2021

Aspect International Project Report

A detailed report that shares the learnings and findings from the Internationalisation of Aspect pilot project.

20 September 2021

How is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion translated into business engagement practice?

Exploring how CoP members are addressing issues of equality, diversity and inclusion.

20 September 2021

FinTech Deep Dive Resources

Videos and a guide exploring good practice in engagement between academics, universities FinTech organisations

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