Zinc launches new mission! Transforming the industries that impact the environment

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1st June 2022


At Zinc we have just launched our next mission to transform the industries with the most impact on the environmental crisis. The manifesto for this mission can be found here.

We’re now recruiting 70 individuals to join our Venture Builder in October 2022 and build new businesses that tackle this mission by transforming the (1) fishing, farming & food; (2) manufacturing & supply chain; (3) construction & building operations; and (4) transport industries.

We’re looking for people with ambition, drive, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. If this sounds like you the click here to apply.

For a bit more info:

This Venture Builder will bring together talented professionals from a wide range of backgrounds including people working in corporates, start ups, research institutes, technology development (such as in data scientists), architecture, law, urban planning, construction management, shipping, manufacturing (fashion, car or food sectors), food and farming. In our last venture builder > 50% of the founders were women, 40% people of colour, and the average age was 38. We endorse UK Startup/Innovator visas so this opportunity is open to everyone around the world. 

Over 40% of the 220 Founders we have backed to-date heard about the Venture Builder through word-of-mouth and personal referrals, so your help in spreading the word is really valuable.

Our first deadline for applications (June 9th) is approaching fast! Those who will apply by then will have the option to join our first pre-founders day.  Places are offered on a first come first served, rolling basis.  

In case you missed it before, click here to apply.


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27 April 2023

Launch of Aspect Angels!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Aspect Angles with Aspect members the University of Reading and Henley Business School!
This new Angel network will be the first of its type to connect and educate investors around the relevance and impact of SHAPE, and provide opportunities to invest in research-backed ventures from leading universities.


19 April 2023

What gets measured: how social science innovators are venturing into the market

Corporate investment is moving away from tangible assets like machines and buildings and towards intangibles — things that are hard to measure, like research & development, business processes, and human capital. Horatio Mortimer writes that the pressing need for measurements that are hard to make and results that are hard to manipulate presents opportunities for social scientists, who are stepping forward to provide solutions.


19 April 2023

A tool for understanding the role of SHAPE subjects in generating technological innovation to address major challenges

This useful tool from Aspect member the University of Edinburgh looks at the dimensions across which SHAPE subjects have a significant role to play in developing new technology.


31 March 2023

New SHAPE Catalyst to create up to 75 ventures over the next 3.5 years

We are thrilled to announce that the Aspect Research Commercialisation (ARC) Accelerator will be delivering the Social science, Humanities and Arts for People and the Economy (SHAPE) Catalyst programme with ESRC and AHRC.

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