‘Reimagining Transport in Towns and Small Cities’

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4th February 2021



Dr Caitlin Cottrill, University of Aberdeen

Dr Wee Meng Yeo, University of Glasgow

Tom Wallis, University of Glasgow

Alex Shapland-Howes and Tatseng Chiam, Co-Founders at Tandem

Dr Rachel Middlemass, Zinc



February 11 2021


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Find out more

This event discussed how – and why – partnerships between researchers and start-ups can be good for everyone involved.

We focussed on a recent collaboration between the Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow and Zinc Mission 2 venture Tandem, a fast-growing mobility start-up tackling the problem of transport poverty in smaller towns and cities in the UK. 

Participants were also invited to join short (optional) networking discussions in separate breakout rooms providing more focus on a) the methodology and academic analysis involved in the project; and b) its practical applications in Tandem.

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