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Net zero, small and micro businesses, step-by-step guide, net zero pathway map

28 July 2023

Engaging small and micro businesses with net zero  

Report and Step-by-Step guide that helps to understand and accelerate engagement of micro and small businesses with Net Zero.

30 September 2021

An exploratory look at social sciences intrapreneurship

An overview of intrapreneurship; why it’s important and examples of university intrapreneurship.

30 September 2021

Social Science Commercialisation Case Studies

Sharing insights and examples that inspire social science commercialisation.

27 September 2021

A look back at the challenges faced in engaging and supporting social science entrepreneurship

One of the key challenges discussed among Aspect Entrepreneurship CoP members concerns the language around entrepreneurship. Are the ways in which entrepreneurship has been communicated relevant to some social sciences disciplines?

23 September 2021

Aspect International Project Report

A detailed report that shares the learnings and findings from the Internationalisation of Aspect pilot project.

28 May 2021

Research Method: Life Histories

Exploring the Life Histories Method, with the Methods for Change project.

27 May 2021

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping: Case studies

Case studies from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Mapping funded project.

27 May 2021

ARC Project profile: Mawthuq

Tahir Zaman provides an overview of his venture Mawthuq.

24 May 2021

Research Method: Playing Games as Method

Exploring Playing Games as Method, with the Methods for Change project.

24 January 2021

The Language of Entrepreneurship

A Q&A Session from the Aspect Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

19 October 2020

Webinar recording: Youth and mental health post COVID-19

Youth and mental health post COVID-19: Addressing the emerging youth mental health crisis

8 October 2020

Webinar recording: COVID-19 and the healthy ageing challenge

A panel discussion focused on the UK Industrial Strategy Theme of Healthy Ageing

8 October 2020

Webinar recording: Training researchers to become consultants

How to train social science researchers to become consultants

25 September 2020

Healthy ageing and the importance of social sciences

We spoke to Dr Tim Pascoe about the Digital Access Project and its link with social sciences

21 September 2020

The importance of social sciences to international development

Interview with Stephan John, Department for International Trade

16 September 2020

Community safety and social sciences

An interview with John Strutton from The Institute of Community Safety.

27 August 2020

Growing Aspect’s international focus

We spoke to The University of Sussex’s Andre Mostert about the goals of this key project

13 November 2019

TradeSift: building trade-policy capacity

A method and software for analysing trade policy simply and cost effectively.

13 November 2019

Improving the labour market for low-paid workers

Informing government policy on issues relating to the National Minimum Wage.

12 November 2019

Transforming social work education in the UK

Influencing the national curricula content of and entry standards for social work education.

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