Aspect members: University Of Glasgow, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, Nottingham Trent University 

What is the project doing? 

This project builds networks among academics, professional services and the private sector in the innovation of research-based games. It aims to expand and scale the efforts of many social sciences academics who are creating games as part of KE and impact. The aim is to create and share good and sustainable practices that can be referred to when developing a game idea. At the moment the project is working on the market validation of a law-based game from the University of Glasgow collecting measurable data and verifying its possible developments. 

Why is this needed? 

This project aims at reducing the gap between social science research and commercialisation opportunities. Developing educational games could play an important role in enhancing research impact and establishing good practices.

How can members get involved? 

Members can contact the project associate (details below) if they want to: 

  • Connect among academics developing games; 
  • Receive support to develop games; 
  • Participate to educational game trials; 
  • Get in contact with the game industry; 
  • Explore opportunities and measure impact of translating research into games.  

For further information please contact Chiara Cipollari (