Office for National Statistics and Cardiff University Partnership

•• Phase 2


Aspect member: Cardiff University.

What is the project doing? 

The key aims of the project is to develop and collaborate on transformative initiatives that help deliver social value, help the UK to ‘grow back better’ and enable post COVID recovery, address the levelling up agenda and have a positive impact towards social cohesion, inequalities and/or social policy. With the further aim that these deliver scalable projects which can leverage significant external funding, build capacity in the longer term and impact upon regional and national social policies. This proposal will develop resources across three of the four ASPECT thematic areas identified by the ASPECT programme where SHAPE is showing strong potential for applications in real world contexts, namely Economy, the Individual and Social Cohesion. 

Why is this needed? 

In June 2019, Cardiff University and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) embarked upon a five-year strategic partnership (SP). This partnership appeals to both organisations’ key strategic aims and is centred around five key themes: Economic Intelligence, Regional Impact, Healthy Ageing, Skills and Education and an overarching key, enabling theme of Data Science (for public good).  

How can members get involved? 

For further information, please contact John Parry-Jones (

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