HMP Parc Supporting Families’ (PSF)

•• Phase 2


Aspect members: Cardiff University

What is the project doing? 

This project will generate resources, develop toolkits and deliver training and development events and build capacity both within the G4S Custodial and Detention Services. These will be delivered via the G4S Family Intervention Team forum – meetings are held within the G4S Family Support management system on a monthly basis where the managers of the Family Teams across the G4S establishments meet to share best practice across the sites. The students will work with this forum on a consultancy basis to develop resources and toolkits, and deliver training to the other establishments within the G4S network.

Why is this needed? 

The project has developed new resources related to how families engage and interact with each other establishing, maintaining and enhancing healthy family ties while a male family member is serving a sentence. The additional expertise brought by the students has developed new and novel approaches to how HMP Parc (and G4S) delivers its family support programme driving organisational innovation and change. 

How can members get involved? 

For further information, please contact John Parry-Jones (

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