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Aspect members: LSE, Oxford University.

What is the project doing?

The main aim of the FastFrame project is to develop a set of 6 reusable wireframe templates to enable new software concepts to be market tested and de-risked at a very early stage. Each template will be suitable for a certain type of software with similar user journeys. These will be defined by concepts that we’re regularly seeing from SHAPE innovators. The aim is to make the templates easy to customize by the academic to bring their concept to life and collect user feedback.  

Why is this needed? 

This project is needed in order to remove the barriers to defining and testing an innovative software concept from SHAPE research. The quick and easy templates will allow academic innovators to independently customize and create a wireframe, removing the cost and time required to find and pay a developer to define their solution. With FastFrame, they can quickly and cheaply define and ‘stress’ test their idea with real users, pivot fast and define a solution that meets user needs.  

How can members get involved? 

Members are invited to discuss their SHAPE software projects with the team. This will help the project group common SHAPE software innovations and create wireframes that cover the most common user journeys. 

For further information please contact Charlotte Rowan (

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