What is the project doing?

ENT COP to collaborate on: developing best-practice on how we can support to international graduate entrepreneurs (IGE) effectively (re: startup and innovator visa scheme); creating framework for measurement and tracking of economic impact from SHAPE international graduate entrepreneurs (IGEs); developing policy recommendations for the scheme.

Why is this needed?

The project will be starting soon, with Phase 3 funding. Indicative timeline

  • November: Research design, question design, research ethics, scheduling of interviews
  • December – March: Research. Interviews. Development of tracker. Piloting of tracker. Iterative evaluation of results and improvement of trackers
  • April – May: Writing up of Findings into report and toolkit. Dissemination activity including submission to conferences, holding of event, submission of report and proposal to Home Office

How can members get involved?

This project is designed to involve and benefit the wider Aspect member network. We have presented the project idea at the Aspect Entrepreneurship CoP, and have also invited new members Kingston, Plymouth, Warwick and Southampton to participate in the project.

We will seek to engage a high number of institutions in the research phase, where we will seek to interview stakeholders in charge of the visa process (min 10), and distribute the tracker to all Aspect members. Due to the current lack of best practice exchange in this area, against increased uncertainty and a lack of official guidance, we are positive that we will find high engagement.

The findings from the project will be made available and disseminated to all members.


Dr Anlan Chen, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Prof Norbert Morawetz, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation / Programme Director UG Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Marion Anderson, Student and Graduate Enterprise Manager, University of Glasgow,


Resources coming soon.