Digital Information Literacy Programme for Schools

• Phase 1


This project applied the findings from research on political misinformation and digital information literacy to help schools teach their students to spot, stop and prevent online misinformation.

Specifically, the project created a teacher training resource to increase the teachers’ understanding of this issue, enhance the effectiveness of teaching on this subject whilst reducing the time spent on planning, and help to connect teachers with other educators and academic researchers in this field.

Led by the University of Manchester, the approach was three-dimensional. First, they worked with secondary school teachers and other education professionals in the UK to assess the teaching and learning needs relating to the problem of online misinformation. Second, they applied insights from social science research to develop effective strategies for tackling this problem in an educational environment. Third, they worked with the commercial sector to identify the opportunities for the more widespread dissemination of a digital information literacy resource in schools across the UK.

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