Design for Social Entrepreneurship

What is the project doing?

Through a combination of case studies and practice based design research, the project seeks to develop and deliver a design-driven training model to support the expansion of social entrepreneurial practices within RCA students and staff. After conducting a literature review, we have identified a set of dynamic capabilities and methodologies for social entrepreneurship that has informed the design of a survey that we will start circulating among practitioners.

During the rest of the year we will be designing a training programme to launched in March. Involvement can come through three routes: by completing a survey that will be launched in May 2022; by pointing us to successful case studies of social entrepreneurship; and by being part of a training pilot. The intention is to disseminate the training programme throughout the membership.

Why is this needed?

  • Complete stakeholder survey distribution and analysis
  • Complete stakeholder & expert interviews and analysis
  • Design a course syllabus based on findings to train social entrepreneurs
  • Complete a written report explaining the integrated social entrepreneurship skillset framework

How can members get involved?

  • Active participation in responding to our survey and interview requests
  • Help distribute survey to relevant stakeholders to boost response rate
  • Using the training and resources produced by the project (in Q1 2023)


Nicolas Rebolledo, Tutor in Service Design, Head of Service Futures Lab, Royal College of Art


Resources coming soon.