Design for Social Entrepreneurship

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What was the project doing?

This project aimed to strengthen the RCA’s institutional capabilities for supporting, starting, and developing social ventures from a human and people-centered perspective. Through a combination of case studies and practice-based design research, the project sought to develop and deliver a design-driven training model to support the expansion of social entrepreneurial practices within RCA students and staff with the aim of promoting its institutional capabilities and expertise to their partners and key stakeholders.

Why was this needed?

The project activities increased cross-college collaboration, enabling stronger cooperation between Research & Innovation, Communications, Schools, Research Centres, Academic Development (students), and InnovationRCA. The project increased staff capacity and capabilities to develop partnerships with business and industry using studio projects as an entry level to collaboration.

How could members get involved?

Members were involved by:

  • Contributing successful case studies of social entrepreneurship.
  • Being part of a training pilot.
  • Disseminating the training program.

The learning material of the training programme will be published and made accessible to all members via the Aspect Members Platform.

For further information, please contact Tatiana Schofield (

Training & resources

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RCA Design for Socials Entrepreneurship Project – KPI Report

A summary of the project activities and KPIs

Human centric research of skills

A scope study of skills and decision-making capacity among technical workforce in fashion manufacturing to support policy development and technology acquisition for sustainable fashion and manufacturing.

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