Co-creating an online training resource for social sciences researchers.

What is the project doing?

A collaboration between three Aspect member institutions, this project will build upon the collective learnings and successes of the ESRC NPIF Accelerating Business Collaboration fund, to pilot a comprehensive Knowledge Exchange training programme for research active and professional support staff.

With is Phase 3 Funding, the project will draw on learnings from the ASPECT Phase 2 Project “Building on ABC- Co-creating an Online training resource for social science researchers” we propose the development of training materials to give SHAPE academics insight into the processes and requirements to develop business partnerships.

Why is this needed?

The project will be starting soon its next phase of activity soon, with Phase 3 funding.

How can members get involved?

The resources generated by the project wil be usable by members.


Ranbir Jabanda, Social Sciences Partnerships Manager, University of York

Michael Gray, Business Engagement Officer, University of Glasgow

Louise Jones, Head of Research Communications and Engagement, LSE


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17 October 2023

Building on ABCs – Phase 3 Expansion: Creating Collaborations

Modular Knowledge-Exchange Training Course that gives insights into processes and requirements to developing business partnerships.

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