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The Faculty of Social Sciences has a long-established reputation for producing world-leading research. Our research agenda reflects the complex challenges of our age: how to create truly sustainable growth in the face of climate change; creating an inclusive society; adapting to an ever-increasingly digital society; improving wellbeing throughout the life course; and how to harness innovative methods for understanding our world. Our academics work at the forefront of knowledge, building lasting partnerships with researchers, policymakers, NGOs and businesses across the globe.

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30 September 2021

Social Science Commercialisation Case Studies

Sharing insights and examples that inspire social science commercialisation.

28 July 2021

Methods for Change: Bumble Bees and Creativities

In this guest blog post Lauren White, an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield, shares her reflections and methodological musings from the Creative Methods Zoo.

3 June 2021

Research Method: The Change Points Toolkit

Exploring the The Change Points Toolkit, with the Methods for Change project.

2 June 2021

Research Method: Life Mapping

Exploring the Life Mapping Method, with the Methods for Change project.

1 June 2021

ARC Project profile: Age of Love

Sharron Hinchliff provides an overview of her venture Age of Love.

12 April 2021

ARC Project profile: SPARC

Mark Doffman provides an overview of his venture, supporting art organisations in a post-pandemic world.

7 April 2021

Research Method: Participatory Qualitative Interviews

Exploring the Participatory Qualitative Interviews research method with the Methods for Change project.

1 April 2021

Methods for Change: Project update March 2021

The Methods for Change team reflect on key lessons and challenges faced in their project so far

30 March 2021

Research Method: Engaged Capacity-building Workshops

Exploring the Engaged Capacity-building Workshops research method with the Methods for Change project.

2 March 2021

Research Method: Participatory Activist Research

Exploring Participatory Activist Research with the Methods for Change project

19 November 2020

Challenges and opportunities for digitally supporting carers

A report on how digital technology can support carers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

20 October 2020

SUCCESS project profile: Sahara Nutrition

Dr Hibbah Osei-kwasi explains what her project is seeking to achieve and how she is benefitting from SUCCESS

18 June 2020

SUCCESS project profile: Diagnosing volcanic risk

We spoke to Dr Andrew McGonigle about his fascinating project

13 November 2019

Working with Instagram to formulate policy change

New social media policy bans harmful weight loss content for younger users.

11 November 2019

Improving fire prevention through big data

Using big data analysis to better understand changing household risk behaviour.

25 October 2019

Business Boost Working in Partnership Residential

Addressing social science challenges and supporting deeper engagement with industry through training and collaboration.

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