Aspect member: University of Glasgow 

What is the project doing? 

This project focuses on intrapreneurial placements and training. The placement aim is to adapt to the changing funding and career landscape that is ever-increasing the centrality of non-academic partnerships and business engagement.  In Phase 2 the project will be focusing tightly on academics across our Interdisciplinary Research Themes doing short-term placements with businesses.

Why is this needed? 

Funders are increasingly requiring meaningful engagement with private sector partners, and/or asking for demonstrable impact in the innovation ecosystem. Academics at all career-stages need training, experience and relationships that allow them to respond to the changes in funding and be competitive across the board. This programme equips academics with valuable training and experience to achieve these aims.

How can members get involved?

Th project team are happy to share their experience of the student focused program ran last year, as well as share information on what they are doing this year. 

Please contact Paige McCaleb (paige.mccaleb@glasgow.ac.uk) for any further information.