Engaging small and micro businesses with net zero  


28th July 2023

Lead institution:
University of Sussex

Dr Ralitsa Hiteva, Franco Gonzalez Zenteno

This report and videos provide an introduction to a new method for engagement with Net Zero by micro and small businesses, including a step-by-step guide in form of a Net Zero Pathway Map that helps to think about important questions and strategic steps necessary for achieving the Net Zero goal.

These materials will help you learn about Net Zero and why it is important for small and micro businesses in the UK and understand what you can do to take action; gather ideas on how to be proactive and engage with activities within your business that contribute to Net Zero, and how you can identify values that drive the engagement. The findings within these materials also discuss key concerns and challenges in the Net Zero space, and share information on where businesses can find support to develop Net Zero strategies.

Engaging small businesses 

In this video, Franco Gonzalez Zenteno summarises and discusses key findings of the most recent research on Small and Micro Businesses (SMBs) and Net Zero. Research was done in collaboration with a diverse group of businesses across the UK, highlighting that the needs and challenges in order to engage in Net Zero are often overlooked. Franco points out the main messages that are more detailed in the report below, such as the need for a combined approach and proactive governmental action, in order to make significant impact towards Net Zero. 

Net Zero Pathway Mapping 

In this video, Dr Ralitsa Hiteva introduces Net Zero Pathway Mapping, which is a How-to-Guide that can be used by any Small and Micro Business (SMB) in the UK, and which helps to understand what needs to be done in order to transition towards Net Zero. Ralitsa describes this new method of engagement that is further detailed in the report below, following four simple steps. The guide poses key questions for businesses to reflect on their current and future operations and activities that produce carbon emissions, and ultimately offers free support for SMBs to realise and overcome barriers in order to transition towards Net Zero.

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